Fast Setup, Simple, Reliable Forms For Your Website.

Traditional web forms depend on the server or mail service to immediately send the data to you in an email. If something goes wrong this data is lost and you will never get back with your potential customer or client. immediately stores the form data in a database and then sends the email to your designated contact email to handle requests from that form. You can login to your dashboard and see all the emails submitted to your forms.
Less Setup
Using you don't have to worry about configuring your server to send form emails, configuring mail sending services. With your form is live after four simple steps.
1. Sign up.
2. Add a website
3. Add a form to the site
4. Cut and paste our embed code and add it to your contact page for your form.
Compatible With Any Website
You can embed our forms on any Website.
Less Spam
We don't use captchas on our forms. As your form data is stored in our database we evaluate it and will label emails as spam. You can view these from your dashboard but we won'd send them to the point of contact for that form. So you get way less spam in your inbox and your users aren't picking pictures of trains and busses trying to fill out your forms.

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